Información viaje

If traveling on other dates, you can use a bus service running between Madrid Airport and Salamanca. You can book online in advance a ticket for this bus, and learn where exactly it departs from, though the web site:

If you cannot take this bus, the suggested choice would be flying to Madrid airport, take a taxi to the Bus Station (called “Estacion Sur”; the run takes about 20-30 minutes and costs about 30 euro) and buy a ticket to the next “Express” bus service to Salamanca. The bus company that covers this route is called “Auto Res”, and you could buy in advance the bus ticket online at The Salamanca bus station is the only (last) stop of this bus. Salamanca bus station is very close to the city center, so you do not need taking a taxi; just walk if you have printed the google map how to get into your Hotel. However, a taxi would be OK and cheap.

If you do not want to take a taxi to go from Madrid airport to the Madrid Bus Station, you can get the Underground, which is cheaper (2 euro) but takes longer (about 1 hour to the Bus Station). Just follow up the “Metro” signals at the airport, buy a ticket and take the underground. The stop of the Bus Station is “Mendez Alvaro” (line 6), so you need to change once. If you are coming by train, get down at Chamartin train station.

There are every-hour express (direct) buses covering the Madrid-Salamanca route most of the day (from early morning to late evening). There are also trains between Madrid and Salamanca, but they are not high-speed and take almost 3 hours; in addition there are only a very few trains per day. However, the train is still an option for those who do prefer this system. You can buy the train tickets in advance online in (the Madrid station is Chamartin).

If you prefer to come to Salamanca by car from Madrid, you need to get the AP6 motorway; leave AP6 at exit 81 and take AP51 to Salamanca.

Although Salamanca has a small airport, at present it is only connected with Barcelona airport with 1 flight/day with Iberia (arriving at Salamanca late evening; departing from Salamanca early morning).

Besides Salamanca, the two closest airports to this city are Valladolid and Madrid. Valladolid airport is the closest one (100 km from Salamanca), but it has not easy direct ground connection with Salamanca. So, unless you have the chance that someone picks you up, or takes you there, flying to Valladolid is not either a good choice. Valladolid airport is flight-connected with Barcelona and Valencia (Iberia) and with London-Stansted (Ryanair). However, the Barcelona-Valladolid flights are quite expensive, and Valladolid-London (Stansted), whilst cheap, are not very convenient times.

The Venue of the Symposium is the Hospedería del Colegio Fonseca (Calle Fonseca, 2, 37002 Salamanca).