The key strength of the OTOD project is two -fold

(1) Identifying, learning from and sharing the experiences of  companies recognised as managing risk effectively and

(2) Adapting and transfering the "know how" gained from these successful companies  to best meet the  needs of different target groups, sectors and economic conditions.

In order to fullfill the above the OTOD project will complete a number of key stages summarised as :-

THe OTOD project will be delivered through a number of key phases summarised as.

  • Identification of companies recognised as successful in managing risk
  • Detailed analysis of such companies to understand the key factors fundamental to the effective management of risk
  • Transfer of results of good practice into published case studies
  • Adaptation of results into a   risk management training framework and e-learning modules suitable for different user groups, sectors and company environment
  • Development of risk managment training modules suitable for e-learning
  • Establish and maintain quality management systems and procedures throughout the life of the project to test the suitability of the developed products for target groups, sectors and company structures.
  • Disseminate the results of the project in the drive to maximise the sustainability of project outcomes